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Develop and Optimize Product Management

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Pathfinder Product Labs helps companies design, build, and deploy products differently. Our team of product managers work alongside your team to empower them to learn and adopt by doing it. We believe the knowledge gained working with Pathfinder is just as valuable as the finished project itself.

Our product management experts have been practicing for over a decade and have deep experience in new products, replatforming, API’s, growing existing products and more. We keep a pulse on modern technology and methodologies, and monitor their evolution to inform our own proven approaches—all to give you exceptional advice.


Product consulting

Product failures are expensive, and, they’re common. Even the largest, most famous companies fall short sometimes when bringing new products to market. Count on the experts at Pathfinders as your comprehensive solution to get your products to market faster. Get short-term and long-term on-demand expertise to accelerate your market research, product strategy, define and validate your hypotheses and execute against the product vision.

Organizational transformation

We help small and large companies implement great product management. Optimizing the full product development flow, from Strategy to Discovery to Build loop. Co-creating a Product mindset. Coaching Product managers and teams

talent & Recruiting

Because your company needs great leaders. At Pathfinder we know what great Product leaders can do. We share a singular goal: to empower our clients to drive lasting positive change through Product leadership. We help clients define roles, recruit and hire Product Managers.

Coaching & Workshops

Our workshops let your teams access the knowledge and cutting-edge insight of our expert product management consultants through in-depth, interactive training workshops. You can expect to take away best practices and proven methods that will help you create great technology products. We offer public workshops around the country and private workshops conducted on-site.

Strategy is a deployable decision making framework, enabling actions to achieve desired outcomes, constrained by the current capabilities, coherently aligned to the existing context.
— Stephen Bungay

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