Unleash your greatness through modern product management.

We help companies like yours take the leap to building more successful products. We aim to change the way you think, create and deploy strategy. The result? A competitive advantage, increased job satisfaction and hiring + retaining top talent.

Here's how we make your products amazing

Product Coaching

Boosting Your Team’s Product Mindset, Behaviors + Practices for Success

Want to become a product-led organization? We’ll show you how to keep your people focused on high customer engagement to drive innovation and disruptive growth.

Product Consulting

Create + Sustain Products People Love to Use

Ditch the stress of playing catchup with the competition. Our Product Consulting experts turn your ideas into winning products and revitalize your portfolio to create new business.

Product Transformation

What’s Keeping You From Succeeding as a Top Company?

If you’re not evolving, you’re already losing ground. Product transformation puts your company in a lasting position to disrupt itself, its business models, and its industries.

Product Innovation

Are You Thriving or Barely Surviving?

Companies need to innovate in order to thrive—and sometimes even to survive. We bring fresh perspectives and expertise to improve the financial performance and growth of your brand.

Software Development

Get to a better place with software built to last

Pathfinder Product is now part of Test Double—a custom software development consultancy. Together, we offer holistic software consulting services across the entire product lifecycle. Find out more about our comprehensive software and product capabilities by scheduling a consult.


We Simplify + Amplify Your Product Recruiting Process for Faster, Better Hires

Attracting high-caliber talent and hiring the right people—especially Product Leaders and Product Managers—is what truly elevates your culture and organizational performance. We do it the right way.

About Us

We come with decades of real-life experience—and a lot of passion to change your company’s product mindset.

Pathfinder Product team members Jen, Tammy, Jody and Brett

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