Consulting for the Product-Led era


At Pathfinder, we are founded on the belief that we are entering a new era in business - the Product-led era.  Pathfinder offers a proven and repeatable method for embracing uncertainty and setting Product direction.


We’ve Faced your Challenges Before

Our services incorporate years of experience and client feedback, and focus on key Product challenges such as:

- creating the vision

- setting strategic direction

- successfully delivering key product outcomes

… all with a diligent focus on business outcomes, learning a new way of working, creating a Product culture and making the most of your data.

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Our Services

Our portfolio of services addresses your specific challenges and supports your unique journey.


Product consulting

Product failures are expensive. And they’re common. Even the largest, most famous companies fall short sometimes when bringing new products to market. Count on the experts at Pathfinders as your comprehensive solution to get your products to market faster. Get short-term and long-term on-demand expertise to accelerate your market research, product strategy, define and validate your hypotheses and execute against the product vision. Our consultants are available when you need them, whatever your need.


Because your company needs great leaders. At Pathfinder we know what great Product leaders can do. We share a singular goal: to empower our clients to drive lasting positive change through Product leadership. We help clients define roles, recruit and hire Product Managers.

innovation or transformation

We see organizations facing a similar challenge when it comes to digital, agile or Product transformation. Companies are making meaningful investments and commitments to modernizing the way that they work, but they still feel like they’re struggling. The reality is that the new world moves at lightning speed and to compete in this world, organizations need to think fast, decide fast, execute fast, fail fast, learn fast, and scale fast. And doing so, is not about simply introducing digital technologies — it requires seismic change in how organizations structure, lead, attract, develop, and engage their people. The Product Management discipline is at the core of Transformation. We’ll help you deliver solutions that help organizations define their desired outcomes and achieve them. We create the structures and job definitions required for successful digital transformation, and we identify, assess and develop Product talent.


We’ll design a tailored workshop for your full team, and get you aligned on all aspects of your Product culture, processes, tools, etc.


Pairing with Pathfinder

Our world-class team of Product Managers works alongside you to build and deploy Products differently than you have before. In the process, you become enabled to do this work self-sufficiently in the future. With a focus on developing Product Culture, your team learns cutting-edge technology and best practices in the best way possible: by doing it. The knowledge you absorb while working with Pathfinder is just as valuable as the finished project itself.


Modern Methodologies

Agile, DEVops, pragmatic

Get started right away with state-of-the-art approaches to development and deployment.

Expert Training

building product best practices

We take a hands-on approach and work alongside you.

True Catalysts

proven change

We deliver real change in a timely manner, focused on outcomes.