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Thinking Big, Delivering Bigger: How a Health Tech Startup Used Strategy to Fuel Growth

About the Client

ScriptDrop is revolutionizing prescription access by helping pharmacies, health systems, and other healthcare entities identify and bridge the gaps in the patient journey through efficient prescription delivery. ScriptDrop’s proprietary delivery platform and extensive, nationwide courier network make it easier for patients to get access to the medications they need, no matter where they live. Since its founding in 2016, ScriptDrop has grown from a small startup to a thriving healthcare IT company powered by technology, empathy, and healthcare expertise.

The Challenge

ScriptDrop has a small but talented and innovative team with no shortage of ideas. However, in early 2023, the fast-paced team found themselves in a difficult situation: they wanted to continue expanding upon their mission and building their customer base, but had dozens of ideas on how best to do so.

The ScriptDrop team wanted to build upon their successes to reach their financial goals and further their mission of helping patients access their prescriptions.

Despite strong commitment to their vision, the team struggled to assess which of the many opportunities were worth pursuing for the most valuable next step in their product direction.

The team quickly recognized that they needed help defining a clear strategy to guide tactical decision-making and gain internal alignment.

The Solution

Senior leaders agreed that they needed focus, clarity, and consensus in order to move forward and best leverage their resources for the most valuable outcomes.

ScriptDrop and Pathfinder worked together on a strategy-focused engagement targeted specifically to ScriptDrop’s needs.

First, a Pathfinder coach used interviews and artifact analysis to clearly understand the current state of ScriptDrop’s product strategy and establish a baseline. 

Next, Pathfinder established ScriptDrop’s North Star metrics through an interactive and collaborative workshop. 

Finally, the ScriptDrop team participated in a strategy alignment workshop which ultimately resulted in a single main focus for the organization, as well as guiding policies and plans to help them act upon their new focus.

The Result

By the end of the strategy engagement, ScriptDrop had clearly defined North Star metrics and a near-term product strategy to guide effective decision-making.

Leveraging the North Star and product strategy allowed the team to pare down a list of more than 20 potential major initiatives to three main focus areas. By clarifying product focus areas for 2023, the team was better able to focus their lean resources on what would make the biggest impact to their business, including a major new product offering to launch. The new product offering was well-aligned to the strategy and positioned them to move their North Star metric significantly, resulting in a substantial estimated increase in volume and revenue.

"Our team could not be more grateful for the professionalism, expertise, and ingenuity that Pathfinder brought. Their liaison, Jen, helped us to structure and organize our team and workload and worked to understand our organization as though she was an employee here. The result will be our team successfully launching a new product to market in record time."
Amanda Epp
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